Chili's Calypso Cooler

Chili's® Calypso Cooler®
Ever order one of those expensive specialty drinks
off the shiny, full-color restaurant table-stand
cards and wish you had a clone recipe? This is one
of those drinks, off of one of those cards. And here's
the clone recipe.
1 1/4 ounces Captain Morgan spiced rum
1/2 ounce peach schnapps
4 ounces (1/2 cup) orange juice
splash Rose's lime juice
1/2 ounce grenadine
orange wedge
maraschino cherry
1. Fill a 16-ounce glass with ice.
2. Pour all ingredients over ice in the order listed. Don't stir.
3. Garnish with an orange wedge and a cherry on a toothpick. Serve
with a straw.
Makes 1 drink.